Monday, November 19, 2007

My blog's URL is really lame. I think I'm trying to hard. "Her Catharsis" -- give me a break. What do I have to release? Sometimes I walk through borders, a best buy, the Kemper or what have you and I feel so inspired by things I've read, listened to, or look at, and I really think that I'm full of passion for those areas and that possibly, one day, I'll be able to contribute to the humanities as well, but recently I realized, perhaps their energy just reflects on me, and that I have none at all. That was a depressing thought and I did a poor job wording it, but it definitely makes me wonder, do I have anything to say? Thus, an absence from blogging.

I think I just try to hard. How annoying, because people that try to hard annoy me!

From now on, I shall leave this strictly for ranting instead of trying to be thoughtful and deep. I'll leave deep for Hugo and Duchamp.