Sunday, September 28, 2008

This poem is an iridescent string
from a cavity on my person.
One would think the string might
dissipate into the dry air,
but it remains.
How wonderful to have the line outside of me
away from the
and the realm of forms.
There it is:
an iridescent line,
proving my existentance and potential

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Things I Want for my Birthday:

-Acceptance to the 19th Annual PHRE Conference
-McCain to be a fiscally strong candidate


Thursday, September 11, 2008

I wore my Eponine hat!

What an incredible day! My Dad called on Tuesday asking if I'd be able to come home early because he had tickets to Les Mis. Little did I know, that those tickets would be five rows away from the stage. Best of all: they were free! His patient is the prop master at starlight and so she gifted them to us. I was expecting nose bleed section, instead I could see Val Jean's spit as he belted "24601!" Like I said, incredible. She also gave us a tour of the backstage and introduced me to one of the producers. I was half tempted to burst into song and BEG him to let me swing for Eponine, but alas, that is not socially acceptable. I saw a lot of the actors too, and their dressing rooms. The props are enormous when you're right next to them, I imagine it would be something else to actually work on that set.

Needless to say the show itself was great too. It drizzled the whole night, but I didn't mind because I had my Eponine hat. When she and Marius were doing "A Little Fall of Rain" it started to rain harder, it was absolutely idyllic!

I am so relieved to leave the stresses of Kirksville behind for a long weekend.

Oh, and on a very last and random side note: Dr. Burton is my hero. I think I'm going to class stalk her until I graduate. Minor in Burton? :)