Tuesday, January 29, 2008

There was a time when I believed that I would be an accomplished and famous writer, (replace writer with other faculties such as: art critic, actress, political philosopher or theologian) and Mr. Robson said that I might actually change things.

There should probably be more on this, but I'm going to bed. Long story short, I feel mediocre. I feel mediocre a lot.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Blog for Blogs Sake


So it's 3:30 in the morning and I can't sleep. My tummy hurts from my prescription pills which are also giving me dry mouth. I'm very aware of the fact that I am whining but I also don't really care.

So what to blog...

Bronchitis has sucked. I whine about it a lot to Matt, my parents, and sometimes Sarah (although I try to spare her.) Matt, who also has Bronchitis, promises we will be better by Super Tuesday. If not, at least we will have an Xbox 360 to play when we're cooped up indoors. Matt returned the iPod Sarah and I got him for money towards an Xbox and it should be coming any day now. I miss playing video games. I challenge anyone to Mario cart for N64, I will beat you.

I will beat you, wow that's some sad trash talk.

Well, here is my unusually long rant. Enjoy.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Matt is being mean to Lauren by massaging her feet. What a jerk. He is always a jerk like that. He takes care of me when I am sick, takes me out to dinner, remembers our stories. Geez Ass Hole!

I just switched from third to first person.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Winter Break

It's over. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Years GOTE

I'm not a big fan of New Years Resolutions. I feel like if you want something changed, you shouldn't wait till the New Year. Although, I do see how it's nice to think you're getting a fresh start. Anyway, Sarah and I were once talking about our GOTE's (an acting exercise) and I realized it would be interesting to make a GOTE for my life, instead of the character I'm playing.

So thus this is my GOTE for the New Year: (not exhaustive)

1. Make a show this year, (whether it be one act, mainstage, or lab show) Along with that I'd like to improve my acting...
2. Hit that Phantom of the Opera E during a voice lesson
3. Spend more time thinking about my faith and discussing it with others
4. Get an A in Chemistry
5. Get out more
6. Meet with A.T. Still people to talk about medical school
1. I don't have a lot of experience with acting. I'm practically brand new.
2. I'm only at the High High C- (and it's very weak) plus I have D to jump over. My voice gets tired after an hour.
3. THE DEVIL. Just kidding, probably the fact that it's taboo to talk about faith or at least uninteresting to a lot of people, and I'm easily distracted.
4. I've always done poorly in Science (ACT 23 on Science section) and I've never taken Chemistry. I know K is potassium?
5. My own fault for just being a dorm room homebody.
6. I'm lazy and don't follow up with emails.
1. Acting I helped me strip a lot of my bad habits. Some of them return when I'm nervous (i.e. Intro to Theatre final) However, now that I'm practically blank I can start improving on the techniques learned. (such as employing GOTE and an inner monologue)
2. I'll hit that E by doing diaphragm exercises, not drinking a lot of milk or soda, practicing frequently, and the like.
3. I'm not sure about this one... any ideas?
4. STUDY a lot and DO NOT get behind on the homework and studying. Go to AXE tutoring sessions.
5. Just try to make plans with people I suppose? I'm really lazy about that.
6. Follow up on emails...
1. I probably won't make a mainstage, I'm just not there with my abilities. However, a lab show would be ideal and the one acts would be a great opportunity to grow as an actress.
2. I might be able to make it by the end of the year... fingers crossed!
3. To be honest, I'll probably do very little with this one. Which is sad because it's the most important to me. I just feel blocked, does that make sense?
4. I'll get an A in Chemistry, it's just going to suck earning it.
5. I'll definitely do this one. We have a house, no excuse to not get out of the dorm.
6. I'll meet with an ATS student and talk about whether or not medicine is something I'd like to pursue.